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Super Smash is the domestic T20 cricket competition in New Zealand. The contest is home to both women's and men's cricket teams throughout the country. The tournament consists of a double round-robin, with the top three teams qualifying for the play-offs. C3G were tasked with not only creating a graphics package for the live matches and pre and post game presentations, but also to create a simple and flexible operating system that allowed a single user to both score the match and operate the graphics.


C3G created a dynamic Web App that served both as the front end scoring interface and GFX output control system. We are able to have all controls for scoring, editing and operation in one browser or split these roles across multiple browsers based on the end user’s needs. For example, individual tabs can be created for database population, scoring, graphic playout control, team stats (read only Info for commentators) and ball by ball play.

Our App interfaces with Singular Live’s online GFX Overlay platform and enables us to operate the graphics from anywhere in the world. And the dynamic nature of the Web App means that we can easily operate from multiple devices, whether that is a PC, Tablet or even our phones.

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